paden troxell


Hickster (Hipster+Hick Hybrid). Dorky. Gentle. These are a few¬†things I like about Paden’s personality…That and the dimples in his cheeks ūüôā

I caught Paden at Intervarsity Chapter Camp during a week in the summer of 2014.

One sweltering afternoon, we both decided to take some kayaks into the lake nearby. As we paddled along, minutes turned into hours and the sun started to coast along the horizon.

On the lake, Paden and I¬†talked about life, work, entrepreneurship and what Jesus had to say to us about all three…That night, I convinced Paden to apply for a faith-based entrepreneurship conference with me. Soon enough, we were both lucky members of Praxis Academy. After that mountaintop experience, our lives¬†were shaken.

Ever since Praxis,¬†Paden has been a brother that has constantly offered me encouragement and inspiration–sending me articles to read and ideas to think about. Right now, we’re in the middle of considering what it means¬†to follow Jesus with the rest of¬†our lives, including some of¬†big dreams¬†he has¬†entrusted us with…

brent sacks


This is Brent Sacks. Brent is a straight-shooter and likes two things: Taylor Swift’s 22, and neon pink cupcakes.


Jokes aside, I first met Brent (and Matt) at Villanova my sophomore year in the back of a church van going into Philadelphia for a predominantly korean-american worship service. After his semester abroad, we also lived together on Villanova’s West Campus apartments Junior year. Collectively, we have probably listened to more¬†Switchfoot and finished¬†more¬†Dark Knight, Lord of the Rings, and Daniel Craig James Bond movies after¬†intervarsity than anyone in their undergrad years…

Even though¬†our¬†personalities are on¬†opposite spectrums, Brent has this great¬†dry humor that helped¬†me giggle throughout college like a clown. Brent also kept me¬†sane in school, when it just seemed like the rest of the world had decidedly gone mad…Every serious-spontaneous conversation we’ve shared together, I’ve glimpsed a clearer¬†picture about what God has called¬†Good, Bright, and Beautiful.

Okay real-talk, Brent thoroughly enjoys a steaming bowl of Pho…

matthew cleveland


Who is Matt?? Matt who?? OH, you mean Cleveland.

Haha, you’ll never meet another person so altogether goofy¬†and gallant.

One time, Matt and I went for an evening run¬†instead of going to the spring-fling concert on campus. The next minute, it was raining cats and dogs and we were drenched to the bone…and completely thrilled haha.

Matt rescued me through several seasons of darkness in college, especially the beginning semesters of Junior and Senior year when I was slow to warm up to other people. We were two RAs living in the same dorm plodding through our toughest coursework and also stirring each other on by going on runs together. When I wanted to be lonely, Matt would find me and interrupt me. On his birthday, I remember pegging him with snowballs as he came out of the shower. Then, he proceeded to tickle-tackle me to the ground.

By the mercies of God, I hope you’ve been lucky enough¬†to have someone do that for you, at least once.

jabez yeo


This is my older brother Jabez.

Even though Jabez is shorter than me, I’ve always looked up to him ever since we met ūüôā

Oh man…Jabez has genuinely cared enough to disciple me. Jabez¬†taught me how to pray, model vulnerability and yearn for the glory of God’s global mission!

After our short semester together in Full Measure during¬†Spring 2012, Jabez told me about the faith-based, micro-finance organization he interned at called HOPE, based in Pennsylvania. Fast-forward to Summer 2013, Jabez’s encouragement eventually led me to intern for HOPE as well. (I even got to sleep in the same bed he slept in as an intern…!)

When Rachel and I had our first DTR (“define-the-relationship” talk), the next thing we did was ring up Jabez over google hangouts…the rest is history ūüôā

ernest tam


Oh Ernest.

I met Ernest because of youth group, Project Brother Love, and Hillsong Jam Sessions. Lots of Hillsong. Lots of Jam Sessions.

I remember being intrigued¬†in¬†his¬†unforgettable fauxhawk and even more impressed¬†when he led me¬†in singing¬†Phil Wickham’s song “You’re Beautiful,” for the first time.

We got to share more time together during our second semester of freshman year, since that’s when I saw Ernest perform on stage in a capella group called Full Measure as a snazzy baritone. I wanted to be cool like Ernest, so I auditioned immediately. During this time, Rachel was also in Full Measure, but the truth is nobody in our group could have guessed what¬†was going to happen ūüėČ

Ever since graduation, Ernest has been my¬†rock of¬†an accountability partner and a loyal friend. Ernest listens well…

james lin


Somewhere on facebook, James and I have an iconic high school photograph of the two of us¬†dressed up together in Mario and Luigi costumes, complete with the overalls that his mom got¬†us from goodwill…

And that was already 5 years ago.

Growing up together, we knew so much¬†miscellaneous stuff about each other, like for example, I know that James only likes to eat peach-flavored yogurt, and won’t typically eat chicken wings with his fingers especially when there’s a fork…

Then my life was changed.

Why? Well, in fact–James got married in October 2015 to the amazing Tanni Kufferath.¬†I was there, I stood on stage with him.

And soon, we’ll both¬†be married. Weird right? For that reason, I think God is full of whimsy.