philadelphia & moving

So, we moved (back) to Philadelphia. This city feels old+new. We live in the intersection of several neighborhoods, right on the dividing line between predominantly white & african-american enclaves respectively.

We still have no wifi at home…I thought I would be dying to put an end to our weird year-long semi-luddite experiment, but oddly enough, I feel kind of reluctant to call Verizon or whatever. The amount of money we spend in coffee shops is probably greater than the cost of high-speed internet at home, but coffee shops are so much more fun. Also, almond croissants. The game-changer is that I get T-Mobile signal in our apartment, which was not the case at our place in Oakland…

Probably the most frustrating part of moving in to our tiny apartment was trying to find a good solution to our curtain situation. We have two square 46″ window panels and zero permission to drill holes in the walls. After some research, I decided to try using jumbo command hooks to hold up an ikea curtain rod, from which we hung blackout curtains from target. These jumbo hooks can supposedly hold up to 7.5lb, and since we were using 3 of them, we figured that they would be able to support a light plastic rod and a bunch of cloth. This was false – they kept falling off in the middle of the night, which was not very conducive to a good night’s sleep. We tried rubbing the wall with more alcohol, using 4 hooks, but nothing worked. Sigh. In the end, I tried using these spring curtain rods from target – worked like a charm. And they were only 3 bucks. Lesson learned.

Actually, that wasn’t the most frustrating part – our mattress got stolen before we managed to even move in to apartment. Apparently someone from FedEx decided it would be a good idea to leave a several-hundred-dollar mattress out on the streets…

But for the most part, the move has been a positive experience. The last time we moved (to Oakland), we prematurely filled our 550 sqft apartment with way too much stuff from our registry. This time, I think we consciously tried to get by with as little as possible & also tried to buy as few new things as we could. We both got bikes for free; we went ‘shopping’ in my in-laws’ basement & emerged with brand new cuisinart cookware and way too many steak knives; I picked up a beautiful mirror from the street. It’s a good life.

Flowers don’t know that rain boots aren’t real pots. I love this so much because I love the idea that life can be found in unconventional places.


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