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I’m sitting in a café listening to a lady talk. She’s hating on millennials VERY loudly and has waxed poetic about how they’re snowflakes & wimps for at least thirty minutes. My blood pressure is rising, firstly because I am a millennial — and that is a demographic fact, not a lifestyle I’ve opted in to — and secondly because her whining so hateful and unproductive.

Yes, I am going through a quarter-life vocational crisis (after all, that’s what this blog is supposedly about). I am also proud of the fact that I’ve perfected the art of the avocado egg toast with everything-but-the-bagel-seasoning on sprouted ezekiel bread.


But jeez, lady, you can’t just write me off because I was born between 1981 and 1996. We grew up in completely different worlds.

I think this is pushing my buttons because I’ve been having a hard time having compassion and empathy for people who are not like me and who don’t look like me (clue: almost everyone). For all the volunteering and working with people that I’ve been doing, I still feel stuck in Cultural Humility 101. It really is an everyday work.

On the flip side, I’m learning that it’s okay to keep company with the people who share strong similarities in background. In fact, I’m gonna keep them close. There’s room for more than one type of friend.

Anyway, what I really wanted to do here was to document what life has been like over the summer of 2018. I’m working two jobs: about 10-15 hours a week as a nanny to a toddler, and another 10-15 hours at a produce/juice/smoothie place. Both are tiring and enjoyable in different ways.

I’m getting excited to start school in the fall in a Masters in Counseling program at soon-to-be Missio Seminary.

I definitely feel like I’m in an in-between place, trying to cultivate and sustain the rich friendships & ties I had in the Bay while also trying to muster up energy to be the New Kid all over again.

Some things I am pondering:
– kids and technology and violence and youtube algorithms
– kids need to be bored before their imagination kicks in. maybe adults too?
– kids and fear and identity
– i pay much more attention to how i utilize different tones of my voice w/ kids
– how to make cha ye dan. definitely more difficult than it seems; either too salty or not salty enough, eggs get deformed, wasting so much soy sauce
– i did a brain dump of all the churches i’ve been to in the past 20 years… there are a LOT of them & there is a LOT of variance in theology+culture. maybe this is why i’m so confused??

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